which of the following is true about men’s clothing

which of the following is true about men’s clothing

The Truth about Men’s Clothing

Having the right clothing for the right occasion is often difficult for men, as the choices can be somewhat confusing. This article aims to explore what is true and false about men’s clothing.

Suits and Formal Wear

It is true that wearing a suit is a must for formal occasions. Whether it is a business meeting, wedding or other important event, a suit is expected. However, formal suits do not need to be in the traditional black or navy blue – they can be made of bright colours in the right material and style.


It is true that the right accessories – such as a smart belt, cufflinks and a pocket square – can make a man’s outfit standout from the crowd. The key is to match the colour and design of your accessories to the colour of your suit. The same goes for shoes, which should be of good quality and should match the colour of your suit.

T-shirts and Jeans

It is false that t-shirts and jeans are not appropriate for any formal occasion. When done right, they can look smart and stylish – and actually be quite acceptable. A t-shirt should preferably be of good quality, not too baggy and in a solid colour, and the jeans should be a slim-fit, smart pair and not too distressed.

Casual and Smart Casual Clothing

It is true that when it comes to casual and smart casual clothing, there are many options for men. A polo shirt and chinos are always a good choice, as well as a checked shirt and smart pair of jeans.

Essentials for Men

When it comes to men’s clothing, some items are essential to look smart and presentable:

  • A smart suit
  • A few good quality shirts
  • A stylish belt
  • A few pairs of good quality jeans or chinos
  • A few pairs of smart shoes
  • A couple of pairs of smart trainers
  • Accessories such as a pocket square and cufflinks

By understanding what is true and false about men’s clothing, you can make sure you have the right outfit for any occasion.

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