who accepts good mens clothing for donation

who accepts good mens clothing for donation

Where to Donate Good Quality Men’s Clothing

If you’re looking for a place to donate good quality men’s clothing, there are many options available. Donating your gently used clothing can often benefit many people in need while also reducing the amount of waste sitting in landfills.

Below are some places to consider donating your clothing:

Local Thrift Stores

Most communities have a local thrift store that will gladly accept gently used men’s clothing. These stores give donations to people in need in the local community, allowing them to shop for clothing that’s often a fraction of the price found in big retail stores.

Homeless Shelters

If you’d like to donate your clothing to those who need them the most, homeless shelters are always in need of clothes. Call around in your area to see which homeless shelters are actively taking clothing donations.


Some of the largest charities like The Salvation Army and Goodwill accept clothing donations year round. Donating your clothing to these charities will make sure they are given to people in need, as well as help you make a tax write-off.

Veteran Organizations

To ensure your donations are given to those who served in the military, consider donating your gently used men’s clothing to a Veteran’s organization. Organizations like Vietnam Veterans of America often accept clothing donations for veterans in need.

In conclusion, when you have an old pair of pants or shirt that you no longer wear, consider donating it to a person in need. There are many organizations and charities that accept good quality men’s clothing donations all year round. These clothes can make a big difference for those living in poverty or who cannot afford to buy brand new clothes.

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