who are the customers for rental clothing men or women

who are the customers for rental clothing men or women

Rental Clothing: Who Are the Customers?

The concept of rental clothing has become increasingly popular with both men and women looking for cost-effective or eco-friendly fashion options. But who are the customers?


Women are mainly the individuals taking advantage of rental clothing, especially female-focused rental clothing companies. Women have long wanted to save money on clothes, especially for formal occasions, without investing in expensive pieces that will end up collecting dust in their closets. Rental clothing offers an affordable and stylish solution to wear something new each time without the cost or guilt of discarding the clothes after a single use.

What Women Look for in Rental Clothing

  • Affordability – They want to pay less for quality pieces of clothing
  • Variety – They often want pieces that aren’t in typical stores
  • Style – They want something that looks good on them
  • Fit – They want sizes that fit their body
  • Convenience – They want to get the clothing without leaving their house


Though men aren’t taking up rental clothing as much, there are still some men who are choosing to rent clothing to cover their needs. Men who find themselves in formal events or occasions more often than usual see the benefit of investing in rental clothing, if only for those special events.

What Men Look for in Rental Clothing

  • Quality – They want clothing that looks nice and isn’t obviously rented
  • Style – They want clothes that look good on them
  • Variety – They want to stand out from the crowd
  • Accessibility – They want an easy solution to get high-end clothing
  • Flexibility – They want flexible return policies

Rental clothing offers an alluring solution for some men and women looking for unique, cost-effective fashion options without the guilt of investing too much money or assuming the responsibility of a long-term wardrobe piece.

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