who buys mens clothes

who buys mens clothes

What Type of Person Buys Men’s Clothes?

Men’s clothing has seen a strong increase in popularity over the last few years, as men have increasingly become more fashion-focused and discerning when it comes to what they wear. But who exactly is buying all of this men’s clothing?

The Urban Professional

The most common buyer of men’s clothing would undoubtedly be the “urban professional”, typically between the ages of 25 and 40 and living in larger cities like New York, London, or Paris. This group of people is highly style-conscious and usually works in industries such as finance, fashion, media, or tech where they can flex their personal style.

The Low-Maintenance Casual Guy

Next up would be the “low-maintenance casual guy”. This type of buyer is typically very practical and focuses on affordability when shopping. These shoppers tend to gravitate towards clothing that requires little thought and maintenance without breaking the bank.

The Hipster

The “hipster” is another main buyer of men’s clothing, typically found in very creative industries or professions. These shoppers seek unique items to make a statement and help differentiate from the general crowd. They take pride in being able to find clothing items from independent brands and vintage stores.

The Luxury Connoisseur

At the other end of the spectrum we find the affluent “luxury connoisseur” who looks to invest in quality pieces from the industry’s top designers. These shoppers want the comfort, craftsmanship, and sophistication of designer clothing and are willing to pay for it.

To summarize, men’s clothing is bought mainly by four main types of buyer – the urban professional, the low-maintenance casual guy, the hipster, and the luxury connoisseur. These shoppers range from people focused largely on price, to others willing to invest in quality, luxury apparel.

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