who buys name brand mens clothes

who buys name brand mens clothes

Men’s Designer Fashion: Who Buys Name Brand Clothes?

Buying name brand clothes as a man can be difficult. It can feel intimidating to shop for designer fashion and can be difficult to know who buys them and why. If you’re curious about who buys name brand mens clothes and why, read on to learn more.

Men Who Buy Designer Clothes

There are a few different types of men who purchase designer fashion.

  • The Fad Follower: Men who see the latest trend and jump on board quickly, snatching up the latest styles from designer brands.
  • The Comfort Seeker: Men who prefer the comfort of higher end fabrics and the superior fit of tailored clothing.
  • The Status Seeker: Men that buy designer clothes as a sign of their success, using clothing as a way to appear more powerful or influential.
  • The Brand Loyalist: Men who have one particular brand they swear by and invest their clothing budget into those items.

Why Men Buy Designer Clothing

Just as there are different types of men who buy designer fashion, so too are there different reasons.

  • Style: Not all designer fashion is overly expensive or flashy. Many designer brands have iconic and timeless styles that are tailored for a perfect fit.
  • Durability: Designer clothes often come with a higher quality compared to their lower cost counterparts. If a piece is taken care of, it is likely to last much longer.
  • Investment:Designer brands can hold their resale value, making them finance-friendly fashion investments.
  • Originality:Designer labels often believe in originality rather than following trends. These pieces stand out, making the wearer look unique and stylish.


Men wear designer fashion for many reasons – style, investment, quality, and originality. While it can be intimidating to buy higher end labels, the right piece of clothing can last longer and provide you with a unique look.

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