who buys used men’s clothing

who buys used men’s clothing

Who Buys Used Men’s Clothing?

Buying or selling used clothing has become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly among the younger generations. However, it isn’t only younger people who are partaking in the second hand market – many adults are now considering buying pre-loved clothing as an environmentally conscious choice, as well as a way to save money and get their hands on more unique pieces of clothing.

When it comes to purchasing used men’s clothing specifically, there are a few different groups of people who usually make up the majority of potential buyers:

Students and Young Professionals

As already mentioned, students and young professionals often take to second hand markets as a way to save money, fill their wardrobe with unique pieces, and generally express their style without breaking the bank.

Vintage Enthusiasts

Vintage enthusiasts are another popular demographic of used men’s clothing buyers, as they relish the chance to find unique pieces from the past. These could range from an original satin bomber jacket from the 70’s to vintage denim jeans from the 80’s.


In some cases, sellers are actually some of the main buyers of used men’s clothing. By buying clothes that are already half-way there, it can make the process of rejuvenating and reselling items easier, faster, and more cost effective.


Unlike wholesalers and sellers, who are interested in used clothing as a means to an end, “thrifters” are true enthusiasts of seeking out unique and interesting pieces from second hand markets. These shoppers spend time scouring the racks for those one of a kind items that nobody else has – the prospects of which make them very excited indeed!

Eco Conscious Shoppers & Upcyclers

Finally, more and more people are now opting to buy used clothing as a way to reduce their environmental footprint. And while this demographic is often interested in buying a variety of items, there are still plenty of eco conscious shoppers and upcyclers out there keen to switch out their used men’s clothing with something fresh.

Overall, used men’s clothing has become an ever popular part of the second hand market. Whether it’s used pieces to upcycle and repurpose, found gems such as vintage pieces, or simply a way to save money and fill one’s wardrobe with unique clothes – there are many reasons why someone would choose to buy used men’s clothing.

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