who created fubu clothing

who created fubu clothing

Who Created FUBU Clothing?

FUBU is a fashion brand that has revolutionized street-wear and created a legacy in fashion. But the real genius behind this iconic brand is Daymond John.

Founding and Rise to Fame

John, along with friends J. Alexander Martin, Keith Perrin, and Carlton Brown, founded FUBU in 1992. They initially created the fashion line featuring T-shirts and hats in their apartment in Hollis, Queens, a birthing ground of hip-hop culture. John was inspired by seeing hip-hop heavyweights like LL Cool J wearing his homemade apparel and decided to create his own label.

John and his team had little to no funds and relied on their hustle to get by. They sold apparel in the streets and attended music festivals to promote their brand. Their determination paid off and their brand quickly gained traction in the music scene.

Branching Out

John started coming out with different lines of clothing including accessories, women’s fashion, and fragrance and cologne. He was also able to attract investors, such as LL Cool J, and take FUBU to the next level.

John then started pushing the brand internationally, getting major partnerships with big companies like Samsung, Coca-Cola and Pepsi. The brand also received increased recognition and legitimacy when celebrities like Will Smith and Kimora Lee Simmons publicly wore FUBU apparel.

Legacy of FUBU

FUBU is now considered a classic in American streetwear culture, with the John and his team being credited for pioneering a whole new genre of fashion. While FUBU hasn’t been stocked in stores since 2017, the legacy of the brand lives on in its dedication to quality, innovation and originality.

The success of FUBU also serves as a major source of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and self-made individuals. John’s rise serves as an example that with determination and drive, anything is possible.


FUBU clothing is an iconic brand that has revolutionized streetwear fashion and will forever stand as a pillar of creativity and originality. The genius behind this brand is none other than the founder Daymond John, who had a vision and used hard work, dedication and hustle to make it into a reality.

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