who decides war clothing

who decides war clothing

Who Decides War Clothing?

In times of war, military personnel must possess the right garb in order to be best suited for battle. But who decides what type of clothing to wear?

Army Surplus

In most cases, the military relies on locally-sourced Army surplus to provide clothing. Army surplus is the left over unclaimed military-style clothing from outdated military uniforms or equipment. It often includes items such as helmets, caps, shirts, jackets, pants, boots and field accessories.

Requirements For War Gear

War clothing is put through several steps before being approved for use on the battlefield. Each military branch defines the requirements for war gear and submits them to the Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support (DLATS). The DLATS reviews the requirements and provide the specifications needed for the clothing items.

Unique Environmental Demands

Depending on the battlefield, war clothing can change drastically. Extreme temperatures, terrain, extended field time and hostile insects can all play a major factor in designing war clothing. That’s why each military branch often requires different items tailored to the unique environmental demands facing their soldiers.

Product Testing

Before war clothing can be produced, it must meet strict safety, quality, performance and regulatory standards. Every product must be tested and inspected to assure the safety of soldiers throughout their mission.

Ultimately, a wide range of military personnel and program managers, scientists and engineers, quality inspectors and business and industry serve to create the war clothing for soldiers to wear in battle. So if you’re ever wondering who decides to produce war clothing, you can thank these individuals for taking the hard steps to ensure success.


From Army surplus all the way to quality inspectors and business and industry, a lot of hard work is put in to make sure that military personnel have access to the best technology, clothing and equipment available.

This is all done to ensure their safety while they’re out on the battlefield, no matter the environment.

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