who designs queen elizabeth’s clothes

who designs queen elizabeth’s clothes

Queen Elizabeth’s Wardrobe Designer

Queen Elizabeth II has been on the British throne for over 60 years, and during that entire time, her official wardrobe has been designed by one person – Angela Kelly. Kelly, a royal couturier, has been faithfully dressing the Queen since 1993 after being handpicked by the Royal herself.


Angela Kelly is responsible for the following when it comes to designing pieces for the head of the British Monarchy:

  • Creating unique garments including dresses, coats, hats and various accessories.
  • Preserving the Queen’s existing wardrobe pieces.
  • Administering on all wardrobe requirements for the Queen’s day-to-day engagements, including the preparation and care of her outfits for official visits and formal appearances.
  • Accessorising the Queen’s outfits with hats, gloves, shoes and jewellery to ensure a complete ensemble.


Angela Kelly follows a very traditional, yet stunning style when designing for the Queen, focusing on bright colors, e.g. greens, blues, pinks and purples, as well as muted tones like beiges, tans and creams. The palette always includes a muted neutral shade to enhance the bright colors, while the designs are often double-breasted coats, small A-line skirts and pleated trousers.

Unique Features

All of Angela Kelly’s designs are made to fit the Queen’s exact measurements and also include a series of unique features and symbols. For example, when designing a coat, the sleeves may be shaped to fit the Queen’s hand, while the brooches and hats often contain special elements to incorporate symbolism within the design.

Overall, Angela Kelly has been successfully designing for Queen Elizabeth II for almost 30 years, and is responsible for creating the many stunning looks that the Queen is often seen in.

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