who designs queen elizabeth’s clothes

who designs queen elizabeth’s clothes

Queen Elizabeth’s Clothing Designers

Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom is an iconic figure and her style has been admired and emulated by many. But who designs the Queen’s clothes and how does she select them?

Selection Process

The Queen typically relies on her personal dresser and the Queen’s secretary to give her advice on what to wear. Her Majesty usually prefers classic and timeless pieces, sticking to her signature style of block-colour coats and two-tone hats. Aside from her dresser and secretary, the Queen also has access to a range of renowned designers and tailors who regularly create garments for her.

Notable Designers

The notable designers who have dressed the Queen include:

  • Catherine Walker. The London-based couturier was a favourite of the Queen’s and was responsible for 70 per cent of her daywear.
  • Stewart Parvin. He specialized in evening gowns and daytime coats, often made from delicate fabrics such as silk and lace – two of the Queen’s favourite materials.
  • Angela Kelly. As a personal assistant and senior dresser for the Queen, Angela Kelly has designed some of the most memorable dresses worn by the monarch, including the bright yellow dress which she wore for her 90th birthday celebrations.
  • Daniel Galvin Jr. With over 78 years of experience as a royal hairdresser, Daniel Galvin Jr has been styling the Queen’s hair since the 1950s.

In conclusion, the Queen’s clothes and accessories are carefully chosen for her by a team of dedicated individuals with the help of renowned designers. From evening gowns to everyday attire, the Queen carefully chooses her wardrobe which often reflects her signature timeless style.

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