who designs serena williams tennis clothes

who designs serena williams tennis clothes

Serena Williams’s Eye-catching Tennis Clothes Designed by Stars

Tennis sensation Serena Williams has not only dominated on the court, but also off it by continually dazzling us with her on-trend and eye-catching court style. In the past, Serena has collaborated with global names such as Nike, Virgin Atlantic and Gatorade, but for the last few seasons, the world champion has turned to some of our favorite contemporary designers to create the outfits she wears in her matches.


Serena’s first major collaboration has been with Nike, with whom she partnered in 1998. The brand provides a constant creativity in producing costumes, combining style, comfort and performance. Serena Williams’ collection with Nike is vast, ranging from sweaters and visors, to print skorts, tights and tank tops.


In 2017, Serena partnered with Uniqlo, and the collection included a hooded jacket, playful skirts and cropped hoodie. The collection, aimed to be accessible for the everyday woman, was created with the intention of supporting women who, like Serena, have their own unique styles.


More recently, Serena joined with Versace for a collaboration that dropped this last May. Again, the collection was accessible, including print T-shirts, skirts and matching sports bras that were designed to transform the classic Versace print into a look suitable for an athletic lifestyle.

The Blonds

Another of Serena William’s collaborations is with David and Phillipe Blond, more prominently known as The Blonds. When it comes to serving up her fashion pieces on court, the designer duo have created some of the most eye-catching looks, including corseted dresses, fringed catsuits, and a dress with an American-flag cape.

Burberry & Off-White

Serena Williams’ challenging court looks other collaborations include Burberry, for which she modelled as part of their campaign for the launch of their new tennis collection. She was also involved in Off-White’s ‘Ready to Play’ show during Paris Fashion Week.

Serena Williams has been inspiring on court and off it for over two decades, and her looks have become an integral part of her journey. It’s an amazing sight to see the icon served up in fashion pieces from some of the industry’s leading brands proving that style and athleticism go hand in hand.


Serena Williams has been setting the sports fashion world alight by working with some of the most popular labels in the industry. Her collaborations ranging from Nike, Uniqlo and Versace to the Blonds, Burberry and Off-White, demand ingenuity and creativity, resulting in looks that she can sport both on and off the court.

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