who has the best plus size clothing

who has the best plus size clothing

Plus-size Clothing for Every Season

Curvy ladies, rejoice! There is now plenty of stylish plus-size clothing out there to fit your every need and suit any season. Let’s take a look at a few retailers who are winning the plus-size clothing game.


One of the leaders in the plus-size clothing industry is ELOQUII. Voted as the best plus-size fashion retailer of 2020, this company is a leader in providing trend-led clothes for women sizes 14-28. With a fun, playful aesthetic and a superior selection of modern designs, ELOQUII has been serving curvy ladies for years and remains a top choice.

Universal Standard

Universal Standard is smashing size barriers and changing the face of fashion. This company carries stylish, comfortable and chic clothing options in sizes 0-40. The quality and inclusivity of this brand makes it a leader in the market and a great option for all of your plus-size fashion needs.


MADELYN ALONZO is not only fashionable but sustainable, too. This brand creates responsibly sourced clothing for the fuller-figured woman. From casual wears to prom dresses, MADELYN ALONZO has something for any occasion. And its commitment to using only fair-trade and ethical methods to make its clothing makes it an even better choice for all curvy ladies.

Key Takeaways

  • ELOQUII is the leader in plus-size fashion and carries stylish, modern designs.
  • Universal Standard is another great option that specializes in sizes 0-40.
  • MADELYN ALONZO focuses on sustainable fashion while also providing chic clothing that fits.

These three brands prove that plus-size clothing is not only trendy and modern, but also inclusive and sustainable. No matter what look you’re going for or which season you’re shopping for, one of these retailers will surely have something perfect for you.

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