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Who Makes Free Country Clothing?

Free Country Clothing is an outdoor lifestyle apparel, outerwear, and accessory company that specializes in providing rugged, stylish, and ultra-functional outdoor clothing for all kinds of activities, from trail running to camping. The American-made clothing is designed to meet the demands of an active lifestyle and keep people comfortable, warm, and dry all year round.

Overview of the Brand

The Free Country story began in the 1980s in Bethel, Connecticut, when the company was founded on the belief that you should never have to choose between looking good and performing well. By combining high-quality materials and functional design, Free Country allows you to look and feel great while tackling your favorite activities.

As the focus on a sustainable lifestyle has grown, Free Country clothing has stood out as a reliable, eco-friendly option. Many of their products are made with recycled fabrics, eco-friendly dyes, and responsible manufacturing processes.

Highlights of the Brand

Here are some of the unique features that make Free Country clothing stand out:

  • Performance: The clothing is designed for performance, with features like quick-drying fabric, UPF sunscreen protection, and motion-friendly stretch to keep you comfortable and mobile.
  • Style: Free Country apparel offers a modern and stylish look, without sacrificing any of its functional performance.
  • Durability: All Free Country clothing is made with carefully selected materials and construction techniques to ensure the clothing will last.
  • Sustainability: The company is focused on minimizing its environmental footprint through sustainable sourcing and production processes.

Where to Buy Free Country Clothing

Free Country clothing is available at outdoor and sporting goods retailers, as well as online. You can find the full selection of stylish and functional outdoor apparel on the Free Country website.

So if you’re looking for rugged, stylish, and eco-friendly outdoor clothing, look no further than Free Country. With designs that make it easy to look great and perform well, Free Country is your go-to for all kinds of outdoor activities.

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