who makes queen elizabeth’s clothes

who makes queen elizabeth’s clothes

Queen Elizabeth’s Clothing: Who Makes It?

Queen Elizabeth II has always been at the forefront of fashion since becoming Queen. She is the longest-reigning living monarch and has been styling iconic looks since the 1950s. It is clear that she takes great pride in how she looks and her outfits often inspire the nation’s fashion trends. But who is the talented designer that is responsible for creating her one-of-a-kind looks?

Angela Kelly

The talented woman behind many of Queen Elizabeth II’s iconic looks is Angela Kelly, Her Majesty’s Personal Assistant, Senior Dresser and In-house Designer. Kelly has been working with the Queen since 1994 and has since become a trusted advisor and confidante. She is responsible for creating every outfit the Queen wears and personally fit and fine-tune each look.

Designs & Techniques

To create the Queen’s looks, Kelly uses a mix of techniques, such as draping, crochet and embroidery. She often uses glitter and sequins to add some sparkle to the designs. As Kelly is responsible for the Queen’s clothing both on- and off-duty, her designs are practical and take into account the unpredictable British weather. Aside from that, Kelly also focuses on colours which complement the Queen’s complexion and accessories which are suitable for her various public engagements.

Materials & Suppliers

For the materials she uses, Kelly relies on well-known and trusted suppliers, such as silk and wool fabric material, leather and patent-leather, and buttons, sequins, and decorations. Kelly is often accompanied by the Queen’s other dresser, Susan Hussey, to take her shopping for fabrics and accessories.


Angela Kelly has been an instrumental figure in helping Queen Elizabeth II shape her iconic fashion style. She is responsible for creating many of the Queen’s looks and supplies the materials and accessories. Her talent and creativity are evident in each of the Queen’s appearances and she continues to be a vital part of the Queen’s inner circle today.


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