who makes the queens clothes

who makes the queens clothes

Who makes the Queen’s Clothes?

The Queen’s clothes are often the focus of the global media. But who actually makes them?

Angela Kelly

The Queen’s Principal Dressmaker is Angela Kelly. Kelly, a London-born designer, was appointed in 2002. She began her career as an apprentice in the fashion industry. She has been a key figure in the Queen’s wardrobe for more than 17 years. Kelly then went on to become a personal assistant for the late Princess Diana and after starting to design the Queen’s clothes in 1993, became her personal advisor. In her role as Principal Dressmaker, she is responsible for creating all the clothes and accessories the Queen wears while in public.

Saville Row Tailors

The Queen has been using the services of Saville Row tailors since she was a young Princess. It’s well known that the quality of their craftsmanship is of the highest level. They are responsible for her signature look, which includes tweed suits, wool-blend coats, jackets and trousers. There is plenty of detail in the tailoring that cannot be found elsewhere. The Queen’s tailors have also created bespoke accessories to complement her outfits, such as handbags, hats and shoes.

Other Designers

The Queen has a keen eye for fashion but she also works with other renowned designers. For example, she often wears outfits from designer Stewart Parvin for official engagements. Her famous diamond Jubilee gown was also created by Parvin, along with the costumes she wore for London 2012 Olympic opening and closing ceremonies.

The Queen’s Statement Pieces

The Queen doesn’t shy away from making her own style statements. She often makes a bold statement by wearing bright colours. Her favourite colours are purple, green and pink, but she also likes to add a splash of yellow or red to her outfits. Her hats are also a popular choice and are an integral part of her wardrobe. They often match the colour of her outfits and give her outfits a more modern look.

The Queen’s Iconic Accessories

The Queen’s iconic accessories are her gloves, handbags and brooches. She often wears gloves in various colours, and she has a range of handbags that she carries for different occasions. Her favourite handbag is the Launer handbag, which has been in her collection for decades. She also wears her brooches with pride, as a way of honouring certain occasions or people.

Thus the Queen’s clothes have an interesting and important history behind them. From Saville Row tailors, to special designers, to Angela Kelly and the powerful statement pieces, each element of her wardrobe is carefully put together by an experienced team. The Queen is a real fashion icon and her style choices are followed and admired around the world.

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