who makes the queens clothes

who makes the queens clothes

The Royals’ Favourite Designer- Who Makes The Queen’s Clothes?

Every royal appearance must be perfect and the British monarchy’s clothes are no exception. For over five decades, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s wardrobe has been designed and customized by Angela Kelly.

Who is Angela Kelly?

Angela Kelly is a 57-year-old Scottish personal assistant and dressmaker to the Queen. She studied fashion and design at the Sutton Memorial Technical College and started her career by working for ten years in a local dry cleaner’s shop. In 1989, Kelly started to work at Buckingham Palace as a senior dresser.

What Angela Does

Kelly is responsible for creating any garments the Queen needs, whether that’s daywear, eveningwear, hats, or coats. She also makes sure that any repairs are made quickly and to the highest possible standard, and advises the Queen on colours, fabrics, styles and trims. According to The Mirror, Kelly even makes sure that the Queen’s gloves are the perfect length and fit. Other tasks include looking after the Queen’s favourite brooches, managing her wardrobe and shoes, as well as sourcing a range of professional cleaning services for the states.

Her Most Recent Creations

Some of Kelly’s more recent works include:

  • The mint green dress and jacket she wore for the State Banquet in June 2019
  • A happy yellow tweed skirt suit which was worn during the Queen’s state dinner at the Guildhall in London in October 2018
  • The peach ensemble suit that she wore to the christening of Prince Louis in July 2018


From the royal courts of Europe to the red carpets of Hollywood, some of the world’s best-dressed people have Angela Kelly to thank. Her creations have been recognised and applauded by fashion mavens worldwide, and it’s clear that she is an essential part of the British monarchy’s regal wardrobe.

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