who owns arket clothing

who owns arket clothing

Who Owns Arket Clothing?

Arket Clothing is a popular Scandinavian clothing company that has been in operation since it was founded in Sweden in 1892. It is now one of the most recognized brands in the fashion industry and has stores across Europe, the Middle East, and North America. But who exactly owns Arket Clothing?

H&M Group Owns Arket Clothing

The parent company with the majority share of Arket Clothing is the Swedish retail giant, H&M Group. H&M Group is a powerful fashion conglomerate that acquired Arket in 2018, attracting thousands of new customers to their stores.

Klarna Bank Owns Stake in H&M Group

Klarna Bank AB is another significant shareholder of Arket Clothing, owning a stake in the business via H&M Group. Klarna Bank is a Swedish fintech company that provides payment and purchase services for customers.

Investors & Customers

Arket Clothing also has numerous other investors, including private equity firms, venture capitalists, and individual customers who purchase products from the company’s stores. The company also recently announced plans to expand its online presence, giving customers more options when it comes to buying their clothing.


Overall, Arket Clothing is owned primarily by the H&M Group, with Klarna Bank and its various investors also owning a share of the company. Customers also play an important role in the success of Arket Clothing, with their purchases helping to bring the company’s products even further.

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