who owns gallery dept clothing

who owns gallery dept clothing

Gallery Dept Clothing – Who Owns It?

Since 2005, Gallery Dept Clothing has been designing and innovating high-quality streetwear for customers across the globe. But who owns Gallery Dept Clothing?

The Founders

Gallery Dept Clothing started as a dream for two Swedish entrepreneurs, Alv Jotses and Carl-Johan Barnekow. They met each other in the early 2000s and before long were discussing how they wanted to create a fashion brand that bridged the gap between streetwear and high-end fashion. In 2005, they launched Gallery Dept Clothing as a way to bring this dream to reality.

The Present Ownership

Gallery Dept Clothing is presently owned by the apparel company AMG Apparel. AMG Apparel is a global leader in apparel and urban streetwear that caters to both men and women. Since acquiring Gallery Dept Clothing in 2009, AMG Apparel has been able to expand the reach and scope of Gallery Dept Clothing, elevating it to greater heights in the fashion industry.

The Future

Going forward, Gallery Dept Clothing has plans to continue providing customers with fashionable streetwear. AMG Apparel is committed to helping Gallery Dept Clothing reach new heights, whether through increased visibility, increasing its reach, or by continuing to produce top-of-the-line clothing.

AMG Apparel and Gallery Dept Clothing are sure to continue innovating and providing the streetwear market with fashionable and trendy clothing.

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