who owns roark clothing

who owns roark clothing

Who Owns Roark Clothing?

Roark Clothing is an outdoor apparel company founded and owned by Ryan Hitzel, based in NorCal. The company has been making outdoor apparel since 2013.

A Little About Roark Clothing

Roark Clothing is focused on informing, inspiring, and educating the outdoor community through unique apparel, art prints, and core classic style. Roark provides product for immersive adventures into the outdoors from everyday solutions to backcountry exploration.

History Of Roark Clothing

Ryan Hitzel started Roark as a way to pay homage to his childhood roots and snowboarding, which he grew up doing with his parents. As a young adult, Ryan took pride in working in many different jobs in the world of snowboarding. He eventually returned to his Northern California hometown and founded Roark in 2013.

Ryan Hitzel’s Mission & Goals

Ryan’s mission is to integrate action sports, travel, and fashion in a unique and inspiring way. His goal is to create unique fashion line that’s suitable for all-occasions, as well as technical apparel to withstand all conditions.

The Roark Brand Identity

The Roark Brand identity aims to combine adventure, creativity, and fashion with an authentic, free-spirited lifestyle. From the prints of their designs, to the quality of their materials, Roark’s core values are at the center of their business, and reflected in every product.

Where to Buy Roark Clothing

Roark Clothing is available in more than 400 stores in 40 countries and online. You can find their products in the following locations:

  • Online: The official Roark website
  • Retailers: REI, Nordstrom and other select retailers
  • Stores: Standalone Roark stores can be found in select countries

So there you have it! Ryan Hitzel owns Roark Clothing and the company focuses on combining outdoor activities, creativity, and fashion for everyone. From their website and select retailers, you can find all kinds of Roark apparel from everyday solutions to backcountry exploration.

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