who owns ruby road clothing

who owns ruby road clothing

Who Owns Ruby Road Clothing?

Ruby Road Clothing is an iconic fashion brand that has been around for over 30 years, providing stylish and quality clothing designs to the public. But who exactly owns this beloved fashion label?

Monique Japhet

Monique Japhet is the CEO and founder of Ruby Road Clothing. She has been with the fashion label since its inception and is credited with building much of the brand’s success. Monique has been honored with numerous awards throughout her career and has worked diligently to make sure Ruby Road Clothing is a success.

Monique is often referred to as the “Queen of Quality,” for her attention to detail and expertise in understanding and creating quality fashion. She is passionate about making sure the customers of Ruby Road Clothing receive the highest quality product and excellent customer service.

Perry Japhet

Perry Japhet is the Vice President of Ruby Road Clothing and is in charge of the business operations. Perry’s business acumen helps drive the financial success of the brand. He ensures that the resources are available to meet the needs of both customers and employees.

Perry is the son of Monique, but has earned his role in the company through his hard work and dedication. He strives to make sure that Ruby Road Clothing is able to continue providing its customers with the highest quality clothing for many years to come.

Ruby Road Clothing’s Values

Ruby Road Clothing values honesty, excellence, integrity, and quality. These values are embedded into every aspect of their business, from the designs they create to the customer service they provide. Monique and Perry regularly communicate these values to the employees, ensuring that everyone is operating with the best intentions.

The Japhet family is invested in the success of Ruby Road Clothing and with their vast knowledge and expertise, they are sure to keep the brand thriving for many more years to come.


Ruby Road Clothing is owned and operated by Monique and Perry Japhet. They are both passionate about the success of the brand, and work hard to ensure that their customers receive the best service and the highest quality clothing.

The Japhet family is committed to their core values of honesty, excellence, integrity, and quality. These values have been embedded into the culture of Ruby Road Clothing since its inception, and will most likely continue to guide the brand for many years to come.

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