who owns spyder clothing

who owns spyder clothing

Who Owns Spyder Clothing?

Spyder Clothing is a luxury skiwear and lifestyle brand, founded in 1978 by founder and current owner David Jacobs. Spyder is inspired by skiing and mountain lifestyle, and is dedicated to providing professional level innovation, design, quality, and performance to all of its apparel, accessories, and footwear.

History of Spyder Clothing

As legend has it, David Jacobs observed champion skiers on the slopes while on a class ski holiday, and watched their brightly coloured clothing influence their speed and performance. This inspired him to create Spyder Clothing, providing skiers with the performance and quality they needed to excel in the sport.

Spyder has since become one of the most recognisable mountain lifestyle brands in the world, providing everything from technical performance skiwear to stylish mountain apparel. In 2012, Jacobs stepped down from his role as chief executive officer and handed over the reins to current CEO Jacco van der Kooij.

Mission and Philosophy

The mission statement of Spyder Clothing is “Bringing the world together to redefine luxury, performance and innovation in winter sports and fashion”. This reflects the brand’s dedication to providing high-end, innovative clothing and accessories that can be used in both leisure and sporting environments.

The philosophy behind Spyder’s products is that their clothes should enable skiers to “push the limits and reach new heights”. This means providing garments that are not only technical and functional, but also provide the wearer with the confidence and freedom to explore the slopes with confidence and flourish.


Spyder Clothing provides advanced professional performance and quality, as well as cutting-edge style, to all of its products. The company is owned and operated by founder and current owner David Jacobs, and its mission and philosophy is designed to provide skiers with the confidence to excel on the slopes.

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