who owns supreme clothing

who owns supreme clothing

Who Owns Supreme Clothing?

Supreme is an iconic streetwear brand which has become one of the most popular fashion brands globally. Founded in 1994, it has maintained its cult status for over 25 years by offering cutting-edge designs and collaborations. So who owns Supreme Clothing?

James Jebbia

James Jebbia is the founder and owner of Supreme. He created the brand in 1994, launching the first store in the trendy SoHo area of New York City. Jebbia had a strong passion for fashion and skateboarding culture and wanted to create a clothing store that captured the vibe of skateboarding, street culture and hip hop.

Clarence Identity

In 2017, Supreme was acquired by private equity firm, The Carlyle Group. The Carlyle Group is a US-based equity firm that invests in a variety of industries. However, in 2018, new information came to light about the identity of one of the investors in the Supreme deal – Clarence Apoldo. Apoldo is a well-known fashion executive, who has held positions at Louis Vuitton, Gucci and LVMH. Apoldo’s stake in Supreme is currently unknown.

Benefits of The Carlyle Group Acquiring Supreme

  • Increased Financial Resources: The Carlyle Group has extensive financial resources which will help Supreme grow globally and expand into new markets.
  • Technology and Business Expertise: The Carlyle Group will provide Supreme with access to new technology and skills which will help the brand build better products and increase its online presence.
  • Expansive Network: The Carlyle Group has an expansive network of contacts in the fashion industry which will help Supreme increase its brand reach.

Since the acquisition, Supreme has continued to offer cutting-edge designs and collaborations with high-profile designers like Jeff Staple and Virgil Abloh. As of 2021, Supreme has 20 stores globally, with a presence in Japan, Paris, and London. With the help of The Carlyle Group, Supreme is continuing to grow and create more iconic streetwear designs.

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