who rents more clothing men or women question

who rents more clothing men or women question

Do Men or Women Rent More Clothing?

Renting clothes is becoming increasingly popular, with a variety of rental services popping up in response to the ever-changing needs of customers. But when it comes to men vs women, who is renting more clothing?

Gender Shopping Habits

It is widely believed that women are more likely to rent clothing than men. A survey conducted by Checkout.com demonstrated that women account for 80% of the clothing rental market, with men only making up the remaining 20%. This may be because women typically need to find more options in order to suit their style. They truly have the upper hand when it comes to clothing rental services.

Furthermore, a recent survey by Harris Interactive revealed that women are more likely to report being excited about renting clothing for special occasions. On the other hand, men are less inclined to rent clothing for one-off events. This could be because men have fewer clothing needs overall, as their style choices tend to be fewer and more versatile.

Why Men May be Renting More Often

Despite the fact that women are renting more clothing than men, there has been a great shift in men’s shopping habits in recent years. Today, men are more likely to pay attention to their style and are more confident in their choices. Not to mention, they are more willing to invest in higher-end clothing that can easily be rented.

Moreover, men are also embracing the idea of owning fewer clothes but having more versatile pieces. This concept has resulted in more men renting items for longer periods of time. For instance, many men are now signing up for subscription rental services that provide a steady flow of clothes as well as access to new styles.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to renting clothing, it’s safe to say that women are still the main customers. However, it appears that men are finally coming around to the idea of renting and subscribing to clothing services. This could be due to a shift in their shopping habits, as well as their willingness to invest in higher-end items. Time will tell if this trend continues, but for now, it seems like women are still the main consumers of clothing rental services.

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