who says pants are mens clothing

who says pants are mens clothing

Who Says Pants Are Just for Men?

Gender stereotypes have existed for centuries, and one of the most pervasive is the assumption that pants are meant for men, while skirts and dresses are made for women. While it is true that in the Western world, pants are seen as more of a masculine garment, this notion is changing.

Women Wearing Pants

In the late 19th century, women’s pants began to gain traction as a “respectable” garment for women. Before then, women in trousers were seen as unrefined or immoral—the 1890s saw a revolution in women’s fashion, with young women initiating the trend that would become a full-fledged women’s liberation.

Since then, women have been free to wear whatever makes them feel comfortable, fashionable, and powerful. Many feminists today still make a point to wear pants in order to challenge gender stereotypes and make a proud statement that they are a part of a growing movement of women’s rights.

Reversing the Stigma

Though they may have been seen as garments that emasculate men, trousers are a powerful symbol of freedom and have been adopted by many men who realize that gender roles are not necessarily black and white.

Here are just a few example of how pants are becoming gender neutral:

  • Gender-neutral fashion lines: As the culture around gender roles has begun to shift in the past few years, many fashion brands have adopted gender-neutral lines to foster an inclusive atmosphere.
  • Borrowing from the opposite sex: Celebrities, influencers, and everyday people do not hesitate to borrow from the opposite sex’s wardrobe. From pairing men’s trousers with a crop top or women’s combat boots with a skirt, people are beginning to explore different types of fashion.
  • Unisex sizing: Retailers have begun to introduce unisex sizing to accommodate both men and women in the same styles. This attempt to make clothes more gender fluid shows that the fashion industry is, in fact, receptive to embracing gender equality.

Though there may still be more work to be done in breaking down gender roles in fashion, the fact that trousers are becoming more gender-neutral is a great sign that the world is understanding that clothing should be a reflection of each individual’s identity, rather than a way of categorizing societal roles.


Gender roles and stereotypes are continuously evolving. As advancing technology and culture continues to break down traditional conventions—such as the notion that pants are only for men—we can see how fashion can act as a powerful representation of identity and self-expression.

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