who sells tall mens clothes

who sells tall mens clothes

Menswear Specializing In Tall Clothing

It can be a challenge for taller men to find clothing that fits properly without having to get items custom-tailored. Fortunately, a number of retailers specialize in offering clothing specifically designed and sized for tall men.


ASOS has a dedicated menswear collection aimed at ‘big and tall’ customers, with products specially cut and sized to fit men who are over 6’3” (190 cm) in height. Sizes range from XS-XXXL in tops and 28-44 in bottoms with up to a 37” leg length. The collection features everything from casual everyday pieces such as t-shirts and polos, to more formal styles like suits and dress shoes.

Long Tall Sally

Long Tall Sally is a British fashion brand that caters exclusively to tall women and men. The menswear range offers tops, bottoms, and outerwear all specifically designed for taller frames. They carry sizes from XS-3XL in tops and from 30-44 in bottoms, with inseam lengths up to 38”. They also carry shoes from a UK size 10 (US size 11) to a UK size 16 (US size 17) as well as pants, jeans, and suits.

Banana Republic

Banana Republic offers a small selection of men’s clothing specifically designed for tall sizes. Items include tops, bottoms and outerwear, with sizes up to XXL and inseam lengths up to 34”. The collection includes casual options such as t-shirts and polos, as well as more formal pieces including blazers, suits and dress shirts.

Other Brands

Other brands that offer tall mens clothing include:

  • The Tall Collective – a brand offering casual, contemporary and stylish items in sizes ranging from XS-XL and leg lengths up to 43”
  • Bad Rhino – a British retailer offering tops and bottoms in sizes up to XXXXXL and with inseam lengths up to 40”
  • J.Crew – a popular American retailer with a range of casual and formal clothing in tall sizes

When shopping for tall mens clothing, it is important to make sure that you are shopping at retailers who carry items specifically designed for tall frames. That way, you are guaranteed to find items that fit properly, without having the hassle and expense of getting them custom-tailored.

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