who sells tall men’s clothes

who sells tall men’s clothes

Where to Find Tall Men’s Clothes

Tall men face the unique challenge of needing clothing that is made specifically to fit their body type. It’s impossible to find clothes that fit just right in a standard men’s department, which can be quite frustrating. Luckily, there are now more retailers than ever that specialize in tall men’s clothing. Whether you’re looking for formalwear, casual looks, or even activewear, you should be able to track down the perfect fit with any of the below stores.

Banana Republic

Banana Republic offers a wide range of basic clothing for both men and women. As one of the most beloved retail stores around, it is a no-brainer for tall men who are looking for a large selection of Classics-style clothing. The tall offerings especially focus on refined business casual shirts and pants, but there are plenty of other staple pieces that can complete any wardrobe.

J. Crew

J. Crew is another tried-and-true retailer that carries everything from preppy basics to full-on suits. Known for their classic Americana style, J. Crew offers tall sizes in both casual and dressy clothing. Most pieces are slightly longer than average, as well as slightly slimmer in the waist. The tailored fit of these clothes can offer an upgraded look for tall men.

Knox Rose

If you’re looking for clothes that look and feel great, then Knox Rose is the perfect place to shop. Offering a large selection of tops, bottoms, and outdoor apparel, Knox Rose will make sure you find something that you love. Best of all, their sizes range up to 2XL tall. With shorts, sweaters, and everything in between, you can fill up your closet with clothes that make you look and feel fantastic.

Levi Strauss & Co

No clothes shopping experience would be complete without looking at some decent jeans. And with Levi Strauss & Co, tall men won’t have to worry about finding a great pair that fits just right. There are plenty of styles available in up to 36″ inseams, so you’re sure to find a pair that suits your particular style and taste.

The above stores will ensure that tall men can find clothes that fit their body type. Whether you’re looking for formalwear, casual clothing, or outerwear, there is something out there for everyone. With a bit of patience and a little knowledge, tall men can finally find clothing that looks and feels great.

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