who spends more on clothing women or men

who spends more on clothing women or men

Who Spends More on Clothing: Women or Men?

Clothing is an important part of everyday life. There’s no denying that different people have different levels of spending when it comes to apparel. So the question arises, who spends more on clothing: women or men?

Women and Shopping

When it comes to shopping, women often come out top. They have been known to shop more frequently and to expand their wardrobes more often than men. Women will often find themselves buying clothing for a range of occasions. From brightly colored summer dresses for warmer days, to chic knitwear for colder climates, the variety and choice are far reaching. Women are more likely to splurge and invest in particular items which could include statement dresses and bags.

Men and Shopping

Men on the other hand are more likely to prefer fewer, more high quality items. They are always on the lookout for timeless pieces that are wardrobe staples, such as well-fitting shirts and jeans. Men generally look for pieces that are lightweight, versatile, and long-lasting.


Overall, it is clear that both men and women have their own preferences when it comes to shopping and clothing. Women are typically more likely to make purchases and men tend to look for staple items that will last the test of time. Ultimately, women are likely to spend more than men on clothing due to their wider variety of interests and needs.

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