who the fuck carries mens plus size clothes

who the fuck carries mens plus size clothes

Who The F*ck Carries Mens Plus Size Clothes?

It’s a question that many shoppers who are above a size 14 have long been asking: who the hell carries mens plus size clothes? While the plus size, curve and extended size market for women has grown rapidly in recent years, the same has not been true for menswear, which is often still stuck in the “small, medium, and large” categories, with little to no room for variation.

The Issue

A lot of brands simply don’t produce clothing in plus sizes for men. Those that have tried have had mixed results. When the British retail chain ASOS launched its “Big and Tall” range a few years ago, the sizes stopped at 4XL, leaving out those who needed clothing even larger. And the “Big and Tall” range had a limited selection – unlike their regular menswear line.

The lack of plus sizes for men can be attributed to a few different factors. Many clothes retailers only focus on producing smaller sizes, because they assume that the majority of their target customers are average-sized or leaner. Therefore, these brands don’t see the need to invest in manufacturing or marketing extended sizes.

When mens plus sizes are available in stores, the selection is often severely limited. Department stores may stock two or three pieces in extended sizes; online stores may only offer a handful of styles for the larger customer.

The Solutions

Fortunately, retailers are beginning to catch on to the need for plus size fashion for men. Since the launch of ASOS’ “Big and Tall” range, many other retailers have followed suit. There are now stores that specifically cater to the plus size gent, with a wide range of stylish and on-trend clothing items. You can also find larger sizes on mainstream retailers such as Old Navy, Target, and H&M.

On the web, there are an increasing number of sites dedicated solely to plus size menswear. Sites like Curvissa, Bad Rhino, Big and Tall Direct and DXL are designed to make shopping for bigger sizes easier and more convenient. These sites offer stylish and trendy clothing in extended sizes, so you don’t have to settle for ill-fitting garments or boring designs.

The Takeaway

Gone are the days when men above a certain size had to settle for ill-fitting and unappealing clothing. Now, there are a growing number of stores and websites that offer stylish and affordable wardrobe options in extended sizes. Whether you’re shopping for basics or looking for something more stylish, there’s something out there for everyone in the plus size menswear market.

So, in closing, the answer to the question, “Who the f*ck carries mens plus size clothes?” is plenty of us!

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