who wears obey clothing

who wears obey clothing

Who Wears OBEY Clothing

OBEY Clothing has become one of the most popular streetwear brands around the world. Founded by world-renowned street artist and activist Shepard Fairey, OBEY has an aesthetic that is both bold and edgy. Thanks to its iconic branding and socially conscious messaging, OBEY Clothing has garnered a following of people from many different backgrounds and tastes. But who specifically is wearing OBEY?

The Skaters

Skaters comprise a large part of the OBEY fanbase. Fairey himself was associated with skateboarding when he created the Gilman Street skateboard shop and skateboard apparel brand S&M in 1989. His streetwear aesthetics have carried over and blended incredibly well with the skateboarding culture. Skaters have also been attracted to OBEY’s bold graphics and “anti-establishment” message.

The Artists

OBEY Clothing’s association with Shepard Fairey has also attracted the attention of many art lovers. Fairey’s work is renowned for its combination of both political and artistic themes, and OBEY Clothing has captured this same dichotomy. Whether it’s an art piece from Fairey’s OBEY Giants Series blending his signature style with American Pop Culture iconography, or a graphic T-shirt displaying a powerful political message, OBEY Clothing has proven to be a huge hit amongst aspiring artists.

The Musicians and Influencers

From mainstream rap stars like Drake, to underground hip hop and indie rock musicians, OBEY Clothing has found its way onto the backs of many musicians and influencers alike. Whether they’re in music videos donning an OBEY graphic hoodie, or in a photo spread wearing their favorite OBEY item, the brand has quickly become one of the most sought after brands in the industry.

The General Consumer

OBEY Clothing’s following, however, is far from limited to just the previously mentioned categories. OBEY Clothing has become a brand that is favored across many lifestyles. From the working-class, to university students, to techies who work inside the confines of a big corporation, the brand has garnered the attention of many, often for different reasons.

All in all, OBEY Clothing has become a favorite amongst many, no matter their background. Thanks to Shepard Fairey’s iconic designs and ever-evolving message, OBEY Clothing is here to stay.

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