why can t men wear women’s clothes

why can t men wear women’s clothes

Why Can’t Men Wear Women’s Clothes?

From T-shirts to jeans, skirts to dresses, there are many choices when it comes to clothing. Although it can be assumed that all clothing items are gender-neutral, in reality, many clothes are divided into “his” and “hers”. But why is that? Let’s take a deeper look into why men and women still have certain clothing items that are only designated to their own gender.

Societal Constructs

One reason why men and women have different clothing can be attributed to social norms. Historically, certain clothing items have been seen as masculine or feminine which has been accepted over generations. This has created an unspoken rule on the social expectation of garment and color choices when it comes to fashion. Thus, the belief that certain clothing items belong to a specific gender was established.


Another reason why men cannot wear women’s clothing and vice versa is conformity. Beyond social acceptance, it is in our nature as humans to fit in and be accepted. Cultural and societal standards drive many trends seen in fashion and everyday life. These standards form judgments on others and put expectations on how people should dress and behave.


Finally, fashion is about comfort and how you feel wearing certain clothing items. Constructed differently to accommodate different body shapes and sizes, men’s and women’s clothing have tailored cuts to fit according to gender. Men’s clothing is often loose and comfortable whereas women’s clothing is often more form-fitting. Ultimately, each gender chooses clothing to feel confident and express themselves.


In conclusion, men and women have different clothing because of social constructs, conformity, and comfort. Even though it is acceptable in some cultures to wear clothing of different genders, the trend is still decisive. Therefore, it is still frowned upon when men decide to wear women’s clothing and vice versa. Although, it should be up to each individual to choose what they wear to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.

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