why can’t men wear feminine clothes

why can’t men wear feminine clothes

Why Men Shouldn’t Wear Feminine Clothes

Although clothing styles and ideas of what is fashionable have been evolving at a rapid rate over past decades, it is still not socially accepted for men to wear feminine clothing. There are several important reasons for this:

Division of Gender Roles

Gender roles help define the expectations and responsibilities of each sex in a society. They are situated in specific contexts and assign individuals various duties and privileges in different ways. Men and women have different ways of following these roles and wearing specific clothes is a representation of gender roles. Wearing feminine clothing by men would blur these gender roles which would eventually bring confusion and a lack of stability in society.

Social Stereotypes

Social stereotypes can be intensely powerful in how people view others. Men being able to wear feminine clothing would lead to stereotypes forming around people wearing those items. This could create an unfair bias towards those who are wearing clothes traditionally worn by the opposite gender, leading to judgments and discrimination.

Hygiene and Comfort

Not all clothes are made with the comfort and hygiene of both genders in mind. Clothing that is made specifically for men are often more suited to their body shape and style than women’s clothes, for instance pants are specifically designed to fit a man’s body and make it more comfortable for them to wear. Allowing men to wear feminine clothes would mean that some would find themselves wearing uncomfortable and potentially unsafe clothing.


Overall, allowing men to wear feminine clothes would have a negative effect on society. It would blur boundaries between gender roles, create negative stereotypes and put men in potentially dangerous and uncomfortable clothing. Therefore, men should generally not be allowed to wear feminine clothes.

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