why can’t you wash clothes on new years

why can’t you wash clothes on new years

Why Can’t You Wash Clothes on New Year’s Day?

For some cultures, washing laundry on New Year’s Day brings bad luck for the upcoming year. This superstition has been passed down for generations in many countries, so it’s important to know the following traditions related to this superstition.

Chinese Tradition

In Chinese culture, washing and cleaning activities on New Year’s Day are discouraged due to the superstition that doing so washes away good luck for the year. Instead, Chinese families will honor their ancestors and gods by visiting them and offering them money, food and incense.

Peruvian Tradition

In Peru, the superstition of avoiding laundry on New Year’s Day is thought to bring bad luck related to wealth. Peruvians believe that any money or wealth that gets washed away on this day can never be recovered. To ensure wealth stays with them, Peruvians will stock up on coins at the end of the year and keep them near their laundry for additional prosperity.

American Tradition

For many African Americans, washing clothes on New Year’s Day can bring bad luck for the entire year. As an alternative, the superstition advises wearing something “old” or holey on the day to bring luck and good fortune for the coming year.

Tips to Celebrate New Year’s Day

To honor the traditional superstitions, here’s a list of ways to make the most of your New Year’s Day:

  • Minimize laundry: Wear clothing that can be reused and avoid washing clothes, as it could bring bad luck for the year.
  • Have some coins: Keep some coins near your laundry for added luck, and place coins in strategic places around your home.
  • Wear something old: Stick with wearing something worn already, whether it’s a shirt, shoe or accessory.
  • Honor God and ancestors: Pay respect to the people and gods who are important to you and give them something as a sign of appreciation.

Although the superstition of avoiding washing clothes on New Year’s Day is firmly embedded in many cultures, by following these traditions and tips, you can make sure you have a start to a lucky and prosperous New Year.

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