why men remove their clothes when the commit suicide

why men remove their clothes when the commit suicide

Why Do Men Remove Their Clothing When Committing Suicide?

Committing suicide is an anguish-laden decision many people make during a particularly difficult period in their lives. They forego the future, removing their entire lives from the equation. For some individuals, clothing removal is part of the ritual itself. But why?

The Human Need for Comfort

The spiritual act of suicide requires individuals to experience minimal physical discomfort. As humans, we seek comfort and for some, this can extend to clothing. The removal of a garment can symbolize the individual shedding the burdens of life and entering the spiritual realm, free of worry and material possessions.

The Shame Factor

Suicide may carry a stigma in some cultures, leading individuals to remove clothing as a way to avoid recognition and disrespect of their memory. By removing clothing, the individual may experience a sense of anonymity and part of them lives on even after their passing.

Cultural Reasons

In some cultures, the physical act of suicide can differ and clothing may be removed for various reasons. In Buddhism, suicide victims must wear white clothing and have their bodies covered and draped in white cloth. This is believed to contain the spiral of karma and keep their spirit from becoming trapped in the afterlife.

No Direct Evidence

Ultimately, there’s no evidence to suggest exactly why men (and women) choose to remove their clothing when they commit suicide. It’s possible that clothing removal is a combination of spiritual longing and physical necessity.


Regardless, clothing removal when committing suicide is something that will continue to perplex us, both on a psychological and cultural level. All we can do is provide a space for those suffering from mental health issues and hope that this provides a lifeline to those who are in need.

Before you make a decision to act on your suicidal thoughts, consider talking to someone you trust who can help you make a better decision.

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