will clothes dry outside in 50 degree weather

will clothes dry outside in 50 degree weather

Can Clothes Be Dried Outside in 50 Degree Weather?

It can be tempting to take advantage of clear skies and beautiful weather to hang out your laundry for a fresher, sun-dried scent. But if it’s 50 degrees outside, is this a good idea?

1. Difference Between Warm and Hot Weather

When it comes to drying clothes outdoors, it’s important to understand the difference between warm and hot weather. While warm weather may be ideal for drying clothes, 50 degree weather may be too cold. Anything below 55 degrees will cause your clothes to take longer to dry, and can also cause fabrics to shrink.

2. Consider Alternate Methods

For days when the temperature dips below 55 degrees, it’s best to consider alternate drying methods. These can include:

  • Tumble drying: Can be completed inside with a tumble dryer on the lowest setting.
  • Laying flat: Lay clothes flat on a line free surface indoors and leave to air dry.
  • Hanging: Hang clothes in a warm, dry room inside.

3. Making The Most of a Sunny Day

If it is a bright and sunny day, but temperatures don’t rise above 50 degrees, then it is possible to take advantage of the sunshine. Hang your clothes in direct sunlight and they will be susceptible to the warmth and UV rays from the sun. However, on particularly cold days, the air may still be too cold for clothes to dry properly.

4. Know Your Fabrics

When conditions for clothes drying are not ideal, it’s important to understand the fabrics you are drying. Thin fabrics like lingerie, silk and cotton t-shirts can be laid flat to dry indoors and are less likely to shrink. Thicker fabrics like towels, socks and jeans may dry quicker and better outdoors than indoors.


In summary, while 50 degree weather may not be ideal for hanging clothes out to dry, there are other methods that can be used to ensure your clothes are dried properly. Consider the fabric and weather conditions before you put your laundry out, and you can make the most of the sun without doing any damage to your clothing.

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