will dish soap bleach clothes

will dish soap bleach clothes

Will Dish Soap Bleach Clothes?

Dish soap is a powerful cleaning detergent designed to cut through and remove grease and grime. While many of us use it for a variety of scrubbing and washing tasks, one of the questions many ask is, will dish soap bleach clothes?

Will Dish Soap Bleach Clothes?

The answer is: it depends!

While certain brands or formulations of dish soap may be capable of causing lightening or bleaching in clothes, most will not. Generally speaking, selecting a bleach-based detergent is generally a much better option if you’re looking to lighten or brighten clothes.

When To Use Dish Soap For Clothes

There are certain scenarios where using dish soap for clothes can be useful. In cases where clothing has been greasy or oily from handling food, some types of dish soaps can cut through the residue and make it easier to remove.

Dish soaps can also be used in combination with stain-fighting detergent for a variety of stubborn stains. In these cases, adding a few drops of dish soap to the stain may help to break it down and increase the cleaning power of the detergent.

How To Clean Clothes With Dish Soap Safely

When using dish soap for clothes, it’s important to be aware of a few safety precautions. First, make sure that the dish soap you are using is not a bleach-based product. Plain liquid dish soap is preferred – there are some formulated to be gentle on hands, which are great for cleaning clothes.

Second, it’s important to only use a small amount of dish soap when cleaning clothes. Too much soap can be difficult to remove and may cause the fabric to become brittle. Make sure to rinse the clothes thoroughly to remove the soap and any residual grime.

Finally, make sure that the resulting concoction – a combination of dish soap and stain-fighting detergent – is still suitable for the type of fabric you are washing. consult the garment’s care label to make sure you are not using a cleaner that is too strong for the fabric.


In conclusion, dish soap may be used to clean clothes in certain scenarios. However, most dish soaps are not bleach-based and should only be used in combination with a stain-fighting detergent. In order to protect the fabrics, it’s important to carefully follow the instructions and only use small amounts of soap.

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