will i look good in black clothing men

will i look good in black clothing men

Will I Look Good in Black Clothing?

A lot of men struggle with the question of what color of clothing will best suit them. Black is an incredibly popular color, but it isn’t universally flattering, so can you pull off black clothing and look good?

When Can You Wear Black?

Black is a versatile colour, and there are a few times when you can and should wear black clothing.

  • Formal occasions: for black tie events, classic black tuxedo or eveningwear is expected and looks great on men – especially if it is a slim fit.
  • Smart casual: A slim fitting black knit or black chinos can make for a classic pairing for a night out or casual social event.
  • Work: Black is a professional colour, and you can’t go wrong with a smart black suit.

Can You Pull Off All Black?

An all-black look is very much on-trend and suits many people. But can you pull it off?

  • Choose your cut: If you are in doubt, go for a slim fit. This creates the most flattering silhouette.
  • Accessorize: Add some interest to your look with accessories in a different color – this can stop you looking too dull.
  • Be confident: Finally, unless you are naturally jet black, you are unlikely to have a pure ‘all-black’ look – you may have lighter/darker tones of a shade of black, so embrace this variation.


Yes, you can look good in black clothing. As with any look, choose clothing that fits you comfortably and choose pieces that will flatter your body shape. Add some accents of colour and embrace your own unique look.

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