will.rihanma fenty have.mens clothes

will.rihanma fenty have.mens clothes

Will Rihanna Fenty Have Menswear?

Fashion mogul, Rihanna Fenty, announced the launch of her new homegrown luxury fashion house Fenty Maison, with the first collection launch in May 2021. The new label comes with a new level of anticipation from the fashion community, keen to see what the modern, technology-driven fashion house will bring to the table.

The Launch of Fenty Maison

Details of the new fashion label by Rihanna remain scarce, with the singer-turned-designer remaining tight-lipped on the latest venture, but a few key details have been revealed such as:

  • The debut collection will feature both ready-to-wear and accessories.
  • The collection will be released in May 2021.
  • The fashion house will have a focus on modern technology.

Will Rihanna Fenty Offer Menswear?

Given the modern and tech-driven nature of Fenty Maison, there is speculation that Rihanna will offer menswear alongside the womenswear collection. Currently, Rihanna’s Fenty fashion line only offering womenswear, and the launch of Fenty Maison mark the first potential foray into menswear for the brand.

The Menswear Collection

It is unclear what a menswear collection from Fenty Maison would entail, but it would be likely to draw heavily on the musical influences of Rihanna, with a focus on urban-wear that the artist is known for. With Rihanna’s Fenty label becoming known worldwide for its stylish take on crossover fashion, the menswear collection is likely to appeal to stylish gents looking for modern, luxurious fashion.

Will We See Menswear This May?

Unfortunately, at this stage no official announcement has been made about a menswear collection from Fenty Maison. However, given the success of Rihanna’s previous fashion ventures, fans of Fenty shouldn’t be surprised if a collection of menswear is released alongside the debut collection in May.

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