will rubbing alcohol stain clothing

will rubbing alcohol stain clothing

Will Rubbing Alcohol Stain Clothing?

Rubbing alcohol, or isopropyl alcohol, is a common and useful disinfectant. You may use it to kill germs or to sanitize surfaces, but one thing you should be aware of is that rubbing alcohol can stain or discolor your clothing.

What Is Rubbing Alcohol?

Rubbing alcohol is a solution that contains approximately 70 percent isopropyl alcohol and other ingredients, such as water and denaturants. Denaturants are added to make the solution unfit for drinking.

What Can Happen if Rubbing Alcohol Is Spilled on Clothing?

When spilled on fabric, rubbing alcohol can act as a type of dye that leaves a stain. Though the color of the stain depends on the fabric’s color, the result is usually an ugly discoloration.

How To Prevent and Treat Rubbing Alcohol Stains

  • Prevention: To prevent staining, keep rubbing alcohol away from clothing and use it for its intended purpose. If a spill is likely, wear protective clothing and be careful when handling the substance.
  • Treatment: Rubbing alcohol can be removed from clothing, but the process is complicated and time consuming. As soon as the spill occurs, attempt to blot up as much of the liquid as possible with an absorbent towel. Choose a cleaning product that is effective against oil-based, water-soluble and enzyme-based stains, and be sure to check the fabric’s label to ensure that the product is safe to use. When addressing the stain, follow the cleaning product’s instructions, then launder the fabric as usual.

In conclusion, rubbing alcohol should be handled carefully, as it can damage fabrics and even leave lasting stains. Prevention is the best way to protect your clothing from rubbing alcohol spills, but if a spill does occur, treat it as soon as possible to reduce the risk of staining.

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