will washing clothes kill bed bugs

will washing clothes kill bed bugs

Does Washing Clothing Kill Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small household pests, capable of living in any environment, including in mattresses, couches, and even clothing. It’s important to be aware of the steps you can take to prevent and deal with bed bugs. One of the more common questions regarding bed bugs is: Will washing clothing kill bed bugs?

The Effectiveness of Washing Clothes on Bed Bugs

Most washing machines are effective in killing adult bed bugs on clothes, as long as the temperatures reach 120°F or above. You should make sure your washing machine can reach this level. Also, drying fabrics on the hot cycle is helpful for killing bed bugs and eggs stuck to clothing. Going above 120°F is even more effective for killing bed bugs as the high temperatures are lethal for pest control.

What Type of Laundry Detergent Should Be Used?

Using a laundry detergent containing borax or bleach can be beneficial when it comes to dealing with bed bugs and other pests. Borax is effective in killing bed bugs and inhibiting their growth. Bleach is effective in killing adult bed bugs and eggs on contact.

You can use either of these and pair it with a hot cycle to improve your laundry’s efficiency in killing bed bugs.

Other Preventative Methods

In addition to washing clothes, using other preventative methods is also important in controlling bed bugs, including:

  • Regularly cleaning your home
  • Keeping your home free of clutter
  • Vacuuming often
  • Wrapping furniture in plastic

Using a combination of methods is the best defense for both prevention and treatment when it comes to bed bugs.

In conclusion, washing clothes and other fabrics in a hot cycle can effectively kill bed bugs and their eggs. In addition to washing, other preventative measures should be used to help control and prevent any further outbreaks.

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