Will we wear clothes in heaven

clothes in heaven


Will We Wear Clothes in Heaven?

The Bible does not explicitly answer the question of whether we will wear clothes in heaven or not.
There are several scriptures and interpretations of them that suggest we will not need to wear clothes as we do on Earth.

What Does the Bible Say About Clothes and Heaven?

The Bible speaks about clothing in two ways that provide insight into the question of clothes in heaven.

Clothing of the Glory of God

In the book of Isaiah, it states that we, as believers, will receive clothing from God. This clothing is not physical clothing, rather it is “clothing of the glory of God”.

The Clothing of Heaven

The Bible also speaks of “the clothing of heaven”. This is thought to refer to different attributes of God that believers will have when they enter heaven. This could be the holiness and righteousness of God.

Will We Wear Clothes in Heaven?

Based on our understanding of the Bible, it appears that we will not wear physical clothing in Heaven. It could be argued that the clothing of the glory of God, and the clothing of Heaven, provide us with everything we need in terms of clothing.

We can make several conclusions from the scriptures and interpret them in different ways. Ultimately, we cannot be certain about what Heaven will be like and whether we will need to wear clothes or not. We do know, however, that our experience in Heaven will be uniquely wonderful and rewarding.


    • The Bible does not give an explicit answer as to whether we will wear clothes in Heaven or not.


    • The Bible speaks of “the clothing of the glory of God” and “the clothing of Heaven” which suggests clothes in Heaven may not be physical.


    • We cannot be certain of what Heaven will be like but ultimately it will be a uniquely wonderful and rewarding experience.


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