women’s size clothing

women’s size clothing

Evolving the Women’s Size Clothing Market

It has been in conversation for years, yet many women remain unsatisfied with the availability and size options when shopping for clothing. As the women’s size clothing market grows, designers, boutiques and retailers need to stay abreast of evolved consumer needs and desires.

Launching Additional Sizes

More and more, women want to feel comfortable in their clothing and being able to shop a greater variety of sizes is one way to do just that. In turn, it is necessary for retailers to make clothing items that transition up to size 28 and offer inclusive sizing.

Create Special Access to Plus-Size Options

Rather than simply increasing the size range of their clothing, designers should consider creating specialized plus-size collections made exclusively of sizes above standard sizing. Shopping should be easy, so creating a “plus size” section may help fashion-forward women find their size without having to flip through countless garments.

Implements Alteration Services

The difficulty with purchasing clothing in a variety of sizes for a store is the extra labor it adds to production or inventory. To overcome this hurdle, some boutiques may opt to create an alteration service for their store. This way, customers can pick a size and have clothes altered to the desired size.

Unifying Sizing Across Brands

A major problem with the global women’s size clothing market is the confusion associated with sizing standards among designers and retailers. Even within the same stores, clothing sizes may vary. To combat this, stores should unify their clothing sizes across brands, so that an 18 in one brand is an 18 in another.

Develop Maternity and Petite Lines

Women’s clothing stores should take into consideration all body types and create collections for each. Many stores carry petite sizes, but are often limited in their maternity selection. To break through this standardized one-size-fits-all mentality, retailers need to make more accessible clothing catered to a variety of body shapes and styles.

Are You Ready to Evolve?

The women’s clothing size industry is growing. Consumers are now more demanding and deserving of apparel that fits their individual body type and aesthetic. To handle this growing trend, retailers must be prepared to:

  • Launch additional sizes up to size 28.
  • Create special access to plus-size options.
  • Implement alteration services.
  • Unify sizing across brands.
  • Develop maternity and petite clothing lines.

Armed with this information, designer and retail stores have the power to create a fashion-forward, inclusive and satisfying shopping experience for all women.

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