would women have sex with men who wear womens clothing

would women have sex with men who wear womens clothing

Would Women Have Sex with Men Who Wear Women’s Clothing?

When it comes to gender expression, men increasingly wearing women’s clothing has gained more visibility in the mainstream. Wearing women’s clothing is gaining acceptance in many circles; however, there is still some stigma attached to it. The question is, would women have sex with men who occasionally wear women’s clothing?

The Argument for Women Being Open to Men Wearing Women’s Clothing

There are valid arguments to consider when trying to answer this question. Here are a few points to consider:

  • It’s All About Self-Expression and Comfort: The primary reason for a man wearing a piece of women’s clothing may simply due to his wanting to express himself and/or simply being comfortable. It has nothing to do with sexual expression or identity.
  • Gender Norms Should Not Apply: Gender norms often dictate how we dress, but why should labels and stereotypes be allowed to dictate how we dress? Everyone is free to wear whatever they please and should not be judged for it.
  • It Shouldn’t Affect Sexual Desirability: A man wearing women’s clothing should not affect his sexual desirability in any way. Unless requested by his partner, his clothing choices should not be used as an indicator of his desirability.

The Argument Against Women Being Open to Men Wearing Women’s Clothing

It’s important to take into account the concerns and worries of women when it comes to having sex with men who wear women’s clothing. Here are some common worries and concerns of women:

  • He’s Trying to Represent Himself as a Female: There is a fear that a man wearing women’s clothing is trying to present himself as a female, which can make a woman uncomfortable.
  • It Arouse a Conversation About Gender Stereotypes: Women may be concerned about having to explain to their partners why it’s important to wear clothing that doesn’t conform to gender stereotypes.
  • It Can Lead to Embarrassment: Wearing women’s clothing can make some women feel embarrassed because of the stigma associated with it.


Whether women would have sex with men who wear women’s clothing is going to come down to the individual. There are compelling arguments to consider on both sides: whether it be comfort, self-expression, or deviating from gender norms, the answer ultimately comes down to personal opinion. Ultimately, it should come down to a woman’s comfort level and her willingness to make her own decisions.

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